Oro Bianco Spa

Relax and Wellness... Spa

Salt is a precious natural element that has been known since ancient times for its beneficial properties and its power in regenerating both body and mind. Our Spa, that is the first saline beauty centre in Italy, completely revolves around the so-calledwhite gold.

The energy of this precious natural element is the key to the success of this 4-star hotel with beauty farm in Rimini. Oro Bianco Spa is the ideal place for those interested in enjoying total rest and relax after a whole day spent working. It gives guests the possibility to undergo pleasant massages, steam baths and exclusive face and body therapies and treatments.

Health & Beauty... Treatments

The Beauty Centre of Regina Elena 57 Hotel in Rimini is the ideal place for those interested in pampering themselves while improving their health and beauty. Guests will have the possibility to enjoy targeted regenerating programmes under the supervision of skilled professionals, as well as to undergo dedicated beauty treatments based on the beneficial properties of salt coming from Cerviaand Trapani salt pans.

The treatments

Sea salt

Sea salt contains more than 83% of the substances present in the sea such as minerals, like calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, silver, boron, silicon, sulphates and manganese, all of which are precious for one's health. These minerals in fact work in synergy and with minerals and vitamins present in the body.