Relax and romance are waiting for you


All Saints long weekend

The sea in autumn ... have you never seen it?
The magic of the colors of this period is amazing. Book your stay for All Saints' Day and enjoy long walks by the sea and lots of relaxation.

Rimini is also the best destination for those who are looking for romance and well-being and Hotel Regina Elena57 thought of a special offer!

Included in the offer for all Saint's Day, you will have:

- 15% discount on your stay;
- Daily salt path for two people, if you book the offer with wellness center

But... If you are searching for a lot of romatic mixed to relax, we thought to a much more special offer!

In the All Saints' Special offer the services following will be included:

- Salty Path for two people each day;
- Pumpkin face treatment for Her;
- 50 minute massage for Him;
- Secret Box.

The queen of the season, the pumpkin, will turn into a beauty ritual with our pumpkin facial treatment for her while he can relax with a regenerating massage.

What are you waiting for to book? Choose the right offer for you!
A sea of pampering is waiting for you!